Sow a seed and grow the future

Release date:2019-10-28

        "Determined, diligent, reformed, responsible for the good", "where there is a will, things can be achieved", "the ideal of life is for the ideal life", "never forget the original mind, go ahead, dare to set the tide to express the style"...

        In 2019, the new year will come as promised, so will the new year's thinking.

        "I want to read ten books", "I want to buy a suite", "I want to put an end to three highs, run a marathon", "I want to make a white beauty with double achievements"...

        At the scene of the orientation meeting, we play the piano, sing poems, sing songs, recite softly and shout loudly. In a relaxed, pleasant, elegant and high-profile way, we exchange our aspirations, share our "smart" personal goals, make appointments with partners, supervise each other, and look forward to the results and work together.

        Determination will be like a melodious and gentle blues music, flowing gently in our hearts, with the warm blessings and expectations of the company's senior management, with the pleasant friendship and tacit understanding between colleagues, everyone in 2019 will write a romantic and dignified page for themselves.

        "To set up a bright ambition will not fail to live up to the great era."When each of us set up our own goals and strive for them, we believe that our company, society and even our country will be more prosperous and prosperous because of this unity!