After more than 30 years of sustained and rapid development, China has formed a large-scale chemical industry system with complete categories and complete supporting facilities. The output value of the whole industry accounts for 11.9% of the total industrial output value, ranking the first among 36 industrial sectors in China. In the past decade, the output value of China's chemical industry has grown at an average annual rate of 18%, making an important contribution to the country's economic development.

By the end of 2018, there were 676 national key chemical parks or industrial parks with petroleum and chemical industry as the leading industry, including 57 national chemical parks, 351 provincial chemical parks, 266 Prefecture and municipal chemical parks, 14 super large parks with output value of more than 100 billion, 33 large parks with output value of 50-100 billion and medium-sized parks with output value of 10-50 billion. There are 224 small-scale parks with an output value of less than 10 billion. It can be said that in the future, these 676 chemical parks will carry the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry, the most important industry in our country, which is close to 14 trillion industries. It can be seen that small and medium-sized chemical parks still account for a large proportion in China, and most of them are still in the stage of project investment and construction.

With the development of the chemical industry park, the environmental risk of the chemical industry park has gradually emerged. According to the survey data of the chemical industry park working committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, there are less than 100 chemical industry parks in China that can really be planned and constructed according to the concept of integration, and have a certain level of safety and environmental protection management and effective response measures, less than 1 / 10 of the total number of chemical industry parks in China. Therefore, while actively advocating chemical enterprises to enter the park, we have to face many small and medium-sized parks with weak infrastructure and uneven management level.

Chemical wastewater has the characteristics of complex components, high toxicity and serious matrix imbalance, which is the difficulty and hot spot in the field of wastewater treatment. For a long time, there are many problems in the treatment and reuse of chemical industry wastewater at home and abroad, such as lack of applicable technology, complex process system, large project investment and high operation cost. At present, the existing biochemical, physicochemical, membrane separation and other technologies are difficult to meet the requirements of wastewater treatment in the park, especially in the built wastewater treatment facilities in the park, low-cost biological treatment technology accounts for more than 95%, but not more than 5% can operate normally.

Analysis of water pollution in Chemical Industry Park

Governance: it is difficult to deal with chemical pollution and lack of professional operation management

The three wastes of chemical industry are complex in composition, highly toxic in biology and difficult to be degraded, so it is very difficult to deal with them.
Wastewater collection and treatment facilities do not meet the actual needs
Lack of professional operation management ability and professional operation team

In terms of capital, large investment in chemical wastewater prevention and control facilities and high operating costs

Insufficient management and supervision capacity

The park management committee needs to conduct multi management, which is difficult to manage.
The monitoring and supervision ability is insufficient, so it is difficult to collect and summarize effective data.
The enterprise's own management and control ability is poor, and its environmental awareness is weak. Illegal events such as stealing and diluting emissions occur from time to time.

Governance level

Dealing with technical defectsFor the enterprises settled in the park, most of the wastewater produced by workshop production has the characteristics of high salt, high COD, high toxicity, etc., which belongs to the category of refractory organic wastewater. Most of the enterprises lack professional environmental protection technicians, so they can only look for external environmental protection companies to design their own wastewater treatment plans on the Internet or on the recommendation of friends, which is difficult to make for the level and strength of environmental protection companies. Technical evaluation, but most of the domestic environmental protection companies lack of practical engineering design experience and technology of chemical wastewater treatment, so they can only design according to imagination and simple data provided by enterprises. Most of the chemical wastewater is treated by conventional anaerobic + aerobic biological process, which has defects in the process design, making it difficult to meet the standard.

Lack of professional and technical personnelThe operation of sewage station requires a strong professional team and practical experience. Technical personnel in chemical enterprises are mainly good at their own synthesis process, and lack of professional sewage treatment technicians. Therefore, there is a lack of technical basis and experience in sewage operation. In particular, the two modules of biochemical operation and chemical synthesis are two areas with great contrast and completely different concepts. And the biochemical operation of sewage station needs to have strong practical experience and microbial professional technical ability. The lack of professional and technical personnel leads to various problems in the normalization of the actual operation process of the sewage station of the enterprise. The biochemical system often deteriorates and collapses, and the treated water is difficult to reach the standard stably.

Capital level

Repetition of project investmentUnder the pressure of environmental protection, almost every enterprise in the park has built a set of sewage treatment operation device in order to meet the takeover standard of the park, which repeatedly adopts the basic process of conventional biological treatment, without any innovation, resulting in the re investment of environmental protection equipment in the park and the waste of enterprise funds.

Excessive operating costsDue to the lack of professional technical support in the operation process of each enterprise in the park, the sewage station has been in high energy consumption operation for a long time, increasing the cost of enterprise wastewater treatment. Due to the environmental protection problems, the effluent often exceeds the standard, which can not be drained normally, resulting in production and shutdown and other malignant accidents, bringing huge economic losses to the enterprise.

Management level

Enterprise managementThe management of the park itself is not strict. The enterprises in the park have weak awareness of environmental protection. They do not pay attention to the management and control of production sources. They are unwilling to invest in resource-based and environmental protection operation. In order to reduce the operation cost, they are unscrupulous, and there are even many illegal events, such as stealing or diluting emissions. It brings technical risks to the operation of sewage station in the following park.

Management of the park itself The management method of enterprises in the park is unscientific, and some parks have excessive requirements for enterprise takeover standards, forming a long-term antagonistic relationship with the enterprises in the park, rather than the upstream and downstream interconnection relationship. There are defects in the water collection standard, charging system, environmental risk control and environmental emergency system in the park.

Third party treatment of environmental pollution in the park

Jiangsu lanbisheng chemical environmental protection Co., Ltd. has explored a set of new and diversified mode suitable for the third party treatment of environmental pollution in the park through the research and development of China's chemical environmental protection technology in the past 20 years and the investigation and investigation of hundreds of chemical parks across the country.BOT、ROT、PPP.OMThe third-party professional environmental protection enterprises undertake or participate in the construction and operation of wastewater biochemical treatment and comprehensive wastewater treatment plant in the chemical industry park. The platform sharing management of wastewater treatment in the park can effectively ensure that the effluent of the park's wastewater treatment plant meets the discharge standards, and completely solve the stability of the Park's wastewater treatment station. It is difficult to meet the standards and the environmental protection problems of chemical enterprises in the park.

New strategy of third party governance (1)

Model of intermediate treatment plantIntermediate wastewater treatment plant mode (biological pretreatment system of lanbisheng): do not change the collection and discharge mode of the existing wastewater treatment plant in the park, build a new intermediate wastewater treatment plant between the production wastewater of the enterprise and the takeover standard of the park, which is used to receive the high COD wastewater discharged by the enterprise in the park, and reach the takeover standard of COD less than 500mg / L of the original treatment system in the park after biological treatment by the intermediate wastewater station, and further achieve Standard processing.
The specific acceptance standard shall be determined and supervised by lanbisheng according to the wastewater quality and the inflow requirements of the intermediate treatment section of the respective enterprises, and the enterprise's own biochemical treatment facilities shall be omitted. The decentralized and repeated treatment of each enterprise shall be centralized biological treatment, so as to reduce the treatment burden of the enterprise. After treatment, it shall meet the takeover requirements of the park and be delivered to the park's centralized wastewater treatment plant for subsequent treatment.

New strategy of third party governance (2)

Similar direct collection and direct row projectsTransform or directly build the comprehensive sewage treatment station in the park, through technical upgrading of the existing sewage treatment plant in the park or new technology and new process for the new sewage treatment plant, through technical upgrading to improve the original sewage treatment plant's acceptance standard of the sewage discharged by the enterprise, and also to solve the pressure of the enterprise's classified treatment, after centralized treatment, the sewage will be discharged directly after reaching the standard.

The new strategy of comprehensive management of the third party in the park

Diversified charging mode

Diversified technology and process

Win win between the three parties

Strengthen management and overall coordination

Save resources and reduce costs

Provide consultation and introduce projects reasonably

Save heart, money and effort

Optimize technology and innovate continuously


Constantly summarize and explore

The integration of wastewater in the chemical industry park represents the direction of wastewater treatment in the chemical industry park. The third-party treatment policy of wastewater in the park is implemented. In practical operation, through continuous summary and exploration, the problems found are solved in time, and the new situation and policies are optimized and improved continuously, which will contribute to the development of environmental protection in the chemical industry park, and further promote the image of the chemical industry. To lay the foundation for the long-term healthy, orderly and sustainable development of the chemical industry.